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Episode 35 - Psycho (1960)

This week we take a road trip to a sleepy little motel in 1960's Psycho.

Join us as we discuss undergarments, Anthony Perkins' wonderful acting, giant shower heads, chocolate syrup, and as always so much more.

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1 Comment

Great show. Great movie. Enjoyed Inthia's "Stabby-stabby" commentary. Some very interesting trivia and 'behind the scenes.'

Hitchcock was a fascinating director. A warped sense of humor and prone to sexual infatuation. He was supposed to have said that actors are cattle. He denied it, replying "I said actors should be treated like cattle."

I remember hearing that during the filming of Spellbound, Hitchcock was just giving Gregory Peck physical direction, and nothing else. Peck asked what his motivation was. Hitchcock replied, "Your motivation is your paycheck, which you're not going to get unless you do what I tell you."

Keep up the good shows. Looking forward to the next one.

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